for the moms

Partum is the only online marketplace created just for the moms. We’re on a mission to support new mothers and make it easier for families to find all of the products & services they need during every stage of motherhood.

our story

Becoming a mother was one of the hardest things I’ve done. 

When I became pregnant, I struggled. I hated watching my body change. I started having panic attacks. I couldn’t find clothes I felt good in. I was scared to be a mom. And after giving birth, I struggled even more. I wasn’t prepared for the postpartum chapter. My anxiety & depression got even worse. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t feel comfortable in my unfamiliar, postpartum body. I felt so guilty that the first year of my daughter’s life wasn’t a happy one. I felt alone in all of these thoughts & in motherhood. 

I wished it would have been easier to know where to go to find not only the many products & services I needed as a new mother, but support as well. And as I spent countless hours awake throughout the nights nursing my daughter and scrolling Instagram, I started to find the support & resources I was looking for.

So, I decided to build Partum, an online marketplace & community just for the moms. (No baby products here!) It’s my mission to talk about the hard parts of parenting, support women on their motherhood journeys and make it easier for families to find all of the products and services they need throughout every stage of their parenthood journeys. 

– Carli

our mission

We believe mothers need more support, especially new mamas. It’s our mission to make it easier for families to find products & services they’ll love and nurturing a kind & empathetic community for all mothers.

our brands

Partum is proud to support small businesses and startups, especially female-founded and mom-owned brands. There are SO many amazing businesses creating products & offering services that moms love & need – but it’s not always easy to find them in a Google search. It’s our passion to discover and share all of these inspiring brands with as many mamas as possible. 

our values

Raising awareness about maternal mental health.

Supporting female entrepreneurs & small business owners.

Partnering with brands that help make the world better.

a woman holding her baby

what would it be like to become a new mom & not feel so alone?

We founded Partum to help new moms feel better during pregnancy and postpartum. One way we can do this is by sharing our stories – we believe sharing our struggles in motherhood and advice can help us all heal and feel more supported. Share your #insidemotherhood story today to be featured on our blog and help a new mom feel less alone.