all of the opinions made me feel like I was a terrible mom

Everyone shares on social media about how blessed they are to be a mother but no one really talks about the raw, emotional side of motherhood.

Everyone throws their opinions on how to take care of a child at new moms. It’s like playing dodgeball with opinions. And if that mom is struggling with postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety those “opinions” wouldn’t be taken as opinions to her, they would be taken as an attack on her ability to raise her child. It makes her scared to ask for help. I was that mom.

Everyone told me “breast is best” “if you hold them too much they will get too attached” “put rice in their bottles so you can sleep!” You name the parenting advice, I’ve probably heard it. I’ve even had family members go behind my back to my husband with their advice because i said no. It made me feel like everyone thought I was a terrible mom because of all this advice they were trying to give me.

I spent almost the whole first year of my sons life in a DEEP depression because every time I tried to talk to my family about how we parent, they would tell us “no don’t do that, do this” like my parenting decisions weren’t good enough for my son. And when you are a mom that’s all you want is what’s best for your child.

No one saw MY parenting decisions as what’s best for MY child. They saw them as “that’s not how I did it so you must be doing it wrong” I’m here to say HOWEVER you choose to parent your child, whether it’s bed sharing, breast feeding, formula feeding, cloth diaper, disposable diapers, etc. you are being the BEST parent you can be and are doing what is best for YOUR child.

shared by guest author Mckayla Trusdell