How This Family’s Toughest Year Led to The Launch of Storybook, a Children’s Sleep App

Sometimes our biggest life struggles can lead to something truly amazing. We are so impressed with how a really difficult chapter in Dani and her family’s life inspired the family to launch Storybook, an app that combines the benefits of infant massage with story-telling to create a special moment between parent and child to improve sleep, health conditions & relationships.

When Dani and her family moved to Australia, the family became overwhelmed quickly. They were living in a new country without family and friends nearby and Dani was often home alone with her two boys all day while her husband worked really long hours. Eventually the entire family began experiencing severe stress, anxiety and depression. So, Dani started to look for a way to create more positive engagements with her children.

She eventually took infant massage course as a way to help feel closer to her children and soon their nightly story times with massages changed their lives. Dani’s bedtime stories would follow the massage movements she was doing, as a way to illustrate the story and she started to notice how much her boys enjoyed the interactive bedtime stories.

Very soon, massage time became a tradition at home and within days, Dani could see clear improvements in their behaviour. They had more confidence, they were fighting less and seemed more relaxed. This new bedtime routine helped the family feel happier and stronger than ever before and Dani knew she had to share this with more parents. Keep reading to learn more about Dani’s entrepreneurial journey, how her and her husband got started launching their app and more about how Storybook works!

What was the inspiration for your company?

My family, including my boys were the inspiration for my company. I was interested in raising them right and enjoying my role as a mother more. I wanted my boys to be healthy and happy and we saw the great benefits of infant massage with them. I wanted to help other families do the same, and thus Storybook App (www.storybook-app.com) was born.

What is your background & how has it helped you build your company?

When my boys were young I took a course and got certified as an infant massage therapist. I used to tell my boys stories while I massaged them. My husband had a background in tech start ups. We combined the two and created the Storybook app together.

What is unique about your products?

The Storybook is unique in the fact that it is the only app which combines bedtime stories and guide massages for parents. We also currently offer a wide music library specially designed for children and are incorporating meditation and deep breathing into our stories.

Once you had the idea, what were the first few steps you took to launch it?

Once I had the idea of creating a bedtime story, massage app, I first discussed it with my husband. We then ran the idea by a friend in business who at the time was my husband’s boss. He decided to fund our project and we looked for developers to design and create the Storybook app. I wrote the stories and paired them with massage techniques. We finally launched the first and simplest version of the app in 2018 which at that time had 10 stories.

What drives you?

My family is my biggest drive in life. I love working alongside my husband and using Storybook with my boys.

What is the most valuable lesson you've learned so far as an entrepreneur?

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned so far is to trust and believe in myself. You have to leave the fear of failure behind because you have to take risks to get ahead.

What are the best & hardest parts of being a parent and a founder?

Best: I work from home, I never miss one of their important life events. I’m always here for them. They see me working hard and they get to understand how my job works so I feel am inspiring them to pursue their dreams. Hardest part has to be the amount of mental/emotional effort you put in your startup. That, in a way or another interferes with my family life and the time I get with my boys.

How do you "balance" motherhood/parenthood and entrepreneurship?

Like most, I struggle with having the right balance. I consider myself fortunate to have very clear goals and priorities in my life and I know that my family has to take the #1 spot every single time.

Any final advice you'd like to share?

At times when we are hurting or suffering the most, come the greatest ideas.

Dani Vega


Storybook App

I am a wife and mother of 2 beautiful boys. I am both a writer and a licensed infant massage therapist, as well as the founder of www.storybook-app.com an app that has over 1.5m downloads worldwide and is helping thousands of families to help their children relax and sleep better every night.