motherhood can be incredibly lonely

Hannah Brown motherhood story

Behind every cute baby is a mom who can’t remember the last time she washed her hair. I’ve discovered something that no one prepares you for when you have a baby. Loneliness. Motherhood can be incredibly lonely.

It happens when you look in the mirror at your crazy, greasy, dry shampooed hair, your sunken eyes, and acne wrecked skin, and you realize you barely even recognize that person.

It happens when you scroll through Facebook and Instagram while holding your baby (because god forbid she lets your aching arm catch a break) and see all your friends going on bachelorette party weekends, drinking tequila, and making jokes, and you feel like you are the only one missing out.

It happens even when you’ve literally had another human attached to you for hours on end, you feel like you’re completely alone. You’re desperately craving some adult interaction but when your husband gets home you are too tired from rocking, shushing, and bouncing a cranky baby to try and hold an actual conversation.

But you know what gets me through the days? Knowing it will get better. I know one day she will reach out to grab my hand for no reason at all. I know one day she will call me “mama”. I know one day she will actually giggle and laugh at all my silly faces.

Life comes in waves, and although sometimes it feels like I am drowning, I know a new wave is on the horizon. Until then, just enjoy the ride.

shared by guest author Hannah Brown