my pandemic pregnancy: the positives & negatives

Got pregnant in October (a planned surprise! haha). We are SO grateful, but there have m definitely been ups and downs.

It’s been amazing that my company has been remote since March, so navigating sickness and power naps has been easier by being at home.

I miss being able to have my partner at appointments, both to share in the experience and for support – I think it’s been harder for him to feel connected early on. Excitingly, he was able to hear the heartbeat this week via phone during my midwife appointment.

I definitely miss being able to be around family and friends, to share in this truly life changing time… but even just for hugs and love. They’ve all been as supportive as they can through all the lockdowns.

The experience is so different from what I had always envisioned – feeling grateful for all the positives, and giving myself space to grieve what is being missed.