1:1 Health Coaching + Free Consultation


1 month of 1:1 health coaching + free consultation with Lindsey Kaszuba, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Are you overwhelmed with life and work that your own health has taken a back seat? Have you read all the articles telling you what you should be doing but nothing has actually worked for you? Are you ready to make small changes to your daily routines that will create a big impact on overall health?

These are all things my clients come to me with. We will work together to create a personalized program and break down your goals into small, achievable steps. You will learn to celebrate yourself each step of the way and implement tiny tweaks that will last you a lifetime. I meet you where you are and provide support and accountability throughout the entire program. 

Lindsey is a mom of two young girls so she gets it. She becomes your friendly accountability partner pushing you when needed and offers a realistic and holistic approach you can easily implement in your current lifestyle.

Lindsey meets you where you are. Her coaching program is catered to your specific needs, no matter the stage you are in. Pregnant? Great. Fourth trimester? Great. Beyond the toddler years? Great.

All sessions are virtual.


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