Bathtub Madonna Salt Soak


A blend of five salts from unique regions of the earth. Each is chosen for its specialized mineral content and ability to nourish your entire body.

  • Increases circulation, alkalizes the skin and body, reduces pain, heals damaged tissue, relaxes muscles and improves sleep.

  • Supports natural detoxification while nourishing cells, bones, nerves, muscles and vital organs.

  • Contains over 84 traces minerals from salts sourced from the Himalayas, Dead Sea, Mediterranean Sea and France.

  • Learn more about the role of magnesium during pregnancy and postpartum in our blog post.

  • Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Magnesium Chloride, Himalayan Salt, Mediterranean Salt, French Grey Salt, MSM flakes, Natural Sodium Bicarbonate.

  • Directions: Add 1/4 - 1/2 cup of salts (depending on the size of your tub), fill the tub, swishing the bath water to dissolve the salts, relax in the warm water.

  • Each package (24oz) contains enough salts for (14) 1/4 cup baths.

Bathtub madonna was a critical part of my postpartum recovery. I had a number of stitches from delivery and so was nervous about taking a bath with salt but it felt amazing. I took a bath every day for almost three weeks postpartum- definitely helped the irritation and gave me a much looked forward to fifteen minutes to myself. This was by far the best thing I did for my recovery, both physically and emotionally.” – Kathryn

Wildish products are the finest quality. The Bathtub Madonna contains several natural salts, ensuring greater mineral content. Made with love and care, and formulated from years of wisdom and practice, I cannot say enough about these wonderful products!” – Lisa

Bathtub Madonna bath salts have become a staple in my self care routine! I suffer from frequent headaches, but I know I will feel at ease after a long mineral salt soak. I trust the high quality ingredients of Wildish and appreciate the level of care that goes into each of their products!” – Cheryl

For over 30 years we’ve seen women’s health and well-being placed second when trying to conceive, during delivery and especially postpartum.

All of our experience has taught us that if we place more emphasis on the health of the woman, all other outcomes will improve with her.

So, we created Wildish for the mothers.

Simple, pleasurable, plant-based selfcare solutions that give women greater control of their reproductive health.

We currently ship within the U.S. only. Products ship via USPS Priority Mail and generally arrive in 2-3 business days.


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