hope rainbow bracelet


rainbow bracelet to inspire joy & happiness 


This bracelet is for EVERYONE. I want it to bring you joy and happiness. From friendships, rainbow babies and or love that has been created, this is for YOU.

I highly recommend measuring your wrist prior to placing your order. Use a soft measuring tape or string. If you’re using a string, measure your wrist and mark the spot that fits comfortable and lay flat on ruler or measuring tape. Size up to 1/4 for a snug fit and size .5 inches up for a loose fit. * Again it’s important to measure how you want the bracelet to fit.

Although 14k Gold Filled are tarnish free- it is important to avoid water, oils, lotions perfumes on ALL bracelets as much as possible. Painted beads are subject to fading over time as well as lettering. It is recommend that bracelets are rolled on and off as they stretch and could potentially break. Avoid tugging or pulling  on them as much as possible.

My passion is to create jewelry with a purpose. I want you to feel golden every time you wear your jewelry. there is no better feeling than having self confidence. That is your power. XO, Briana


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