Morning sickness drops to allow anyone to feel the first trimester nausea. 

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Until you've experienced "morning" sickness yourself, it's hard to understand just how awful it really is. If your partner has ever said to you 'it can't be thaaat bad' just add a few drops of Nauchique™ to their morning coffee and they'll quickly feel just as nauseous as you're feeling! 

  • induces nausea with just a few drops! 
  • all-natural formula with no preservatives 
  • flavorless drops for discreet dosing 
  • May cause partner to dry heave (or worse)

April Fools!
Sorry if you got excited about this - we actually really like this idea and just might make these for real someday! 

Pregnant mamas love Nauchique™ drops – finally their partners can experience morning sickness nausea with you and truly understand exactly how awful you feell during the first trimester. 


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