Nutrition Evaluation


Personalized evaluation with a specialized registered dietitian to optimize your health during pregnancy & beyond

Pregnant and breastfeeding mamas have increased nutrition needs compared to other women. Throughout your pregnancy and beyond, good nutrition plays a significant role in supporting your own health and well-being, as well as your baby’s growth and development. That’s why it is so important to learn how to adjust your eating habits. ​

Along with helping to ensure that you’re meeting your increased nutrition needs, working with a specialized registered dietitian can help you manage symptoms, nutrition related conditions and can help you stay safe during your pregnancy. Optimizing your health throughout pregnancy will aid in the positive development of your baby, while helping ensure you feel good on this life-changing journey.

PUSH is pleased to offer a health professional who truly understands the importance of perinatal nutrition. She can work with you on: ​
> Overall prenatal and perinatal nutrition
> Foods, vitamins and minerals to support fetal growth and development
> Managing pregnancy symptoms and nutrition-related conditions
> Avoiding higher risk foods and food-borne illnesses
> Learning safe food handling procedures
> Maintaining or improving energy
> New mother and breastfeeding nutrition
> Pediatric nutrition, including food introduction, BLW and allergen introductions
> Managing choking risks and picky eaters

And a lot more!

Today, there’s so much information at our fingertips on the internet and mamas are left rifling through contradictory, general advice online from sources that are often unreliable. At PUSH we offer support, education, and services that are specially geared to them, with experienced and empathetic practitioners. 

Our guiding principle at Push is to offer expectant mamas an all-inclusive experience that responds to their every medical and wellness need. We assemble best-in-class resources under one roof, guided by the collective mission to fulfill optimum peri-natal care that is delivered and communicated compassionately.

We embrace a concept of whole well-being for expectant and new mamas. We offer personalized care to address the specific health and wellness needs at this important stage in your life. Through an interdisciplinary approach and our client-centric philosophy, our healthcare professionals ensure you feel heard and supported.

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