Postpartum Must-Haves Gift Box

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This limited-edition Partum gift box includes our favorite, must-have products every new mama needs for a better postpartum recovery. 

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Our Postpartum Must-Haves gift box includes all-natural, plant-based postpartum healing essentials like Perineal Spray and Herbal Sitz Bath, two pairs of 360° elastic knit, hand-dyed mesh undies, wingless pads and plenty of raw & real postpartum advice.

Too many moms say they felt unprepared for the realities of postpartum recovery. The Partum Postpartum Must-Haves gift box is the perfect present for every pregnant mama, whether you’re purchasing it for a friend or yourself, these are the must-have products for a better recovery down there.

Pre-sale orders will be accepted until January 10, 2022 and will be shipped to customer by January 30th, 2022. $15 flat-rate shipping for US & Canada. 

What’s Included?

Perineal Spray:

  • Made from certified organic and vegan ingredients, the Perineal Spray is clean, paraben-free and designed to help new parents have an easier, faster recovery period.
  • A natural soothing remedy for sore and tender perineal tissue. Eases the discomfort experienced after perineal tears.
  • This natural herbal remedy has an alcohol-free witch hazel base.
  • Infused with plant-based extracts that enhance its cooling properties.
  • A natural solution for swelling reduction on your healing journey.
  • Ingredients are ideal for hemorrhoid relief and can be used in pregnancy as well.
  • Handcrafted and sustainably packed

Healing Herbs:

  • This wonderful combination of herbs have been specifically and carefully formulated to provide a healing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory and tissue repair effect, used topically for postpartum healing.
  • Ingredients: Yarrow*, Calendula*, Chamomile*, Plantain, Agrimony, Sophora, Rose Flowers (*certified organic)
  • Developed by Dr. Eran Even, Ph.D., Dr.TCM in collaboration with Bump Physio & Co.

Mesh Undies:

  • A 360° knit means no side seams digging into your skin, and no waistband irritating C-Section incisions.
  • Elastic is knit directly into the fabric, and the weave provides the soft look and feel of regular underwear. The briefs form to the body with wear.
  • Each pair of underwear is hand-dyed using the shibori technique, giving a one-of-a-kind pattern to the garment.

Postpartum “Real Talk” Brochure

  • Partum’s founder Carli shares the top things she wishes she was better prepared for during the postpartum stage.
  • Get the raw and real insights from a mama of two who struggled a lot the first time around.

Digital Postpartum Handbook

  • One Tough Mother’s Postpartum Handbook is for the expectant mom or parent who wants to be prepared for life after baby so they can focus on what matters: an easier, quicker recovery... and snuggling their sweet, new baby.
  • The easiest way to prepare for postpartum life, this book makes sure no one ever has to ask, why didn't anyone tell me?
  • Filled with checklists and quick tips designed to simplify life after birth, a panel of pregnancy & postpartum experts to provide an overview of everything you didn't know you needed to know.

“Hands down the most comfortable underwear I own! I started wearing them well after my first was born but am SO glad to have them now with my second on the way (I don’t have to rely on those weird mesh hospital things this time, hurrah!) They are my go-to gift for any pregnant/ postpartum friends and family and I will definitely be getting more for myself.”

“Peri spray is the secret weapon we wish someone had told us about… So we’re gonna shout it from the rooftops! Soothe perineal pain and promote postpartum healing with our vegan and paraben-free Perineal Spray. It makes a great addition to your hospital bag and is perfect for those first weeks at home – it’s also the ideal base for padsicles.”

“I love that the healing herbs give new parents an opportunity to spend a bit of time to focus on themselves. In those early weeks postpartum, it is all about the baby. I have seen far too many birthing folks stop taking care of themselves because they were just so engrossed in caring for their baby. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. With the bellies inc. healing herbs, you can spend a little bit of time every day focusing on yourself. You deserve to be cared for. Starting this in the beginning of your parenting journey will make it so that self care becomes an expectation of parenthood, not an exception.”

One Tough Mother, founded by Kristine
After giving birth I was in shock. I was in pain, and struggling mentally and emotionally. I felt ready for birth, but no one prepared me for postpartum. Then I had my second baby and it was night and day. I made sure I had everything I needed and I knew what to expect. It's never easy, but it was joyful. Now Allison (who is a doula and childbirth educator) and I are on a mission to give that "second time experience" to everyone, every single time. 

Bellies Inc, owned by Samantha
At bellies inc. we are on a mission to get birthing folks to prioritize healing and loving their bodies after it just did the most amazing ​things - growing, birthing and nurturing a baby. ​In North America, postpartum healing is not fully considered. Instead new parents are racing to get back into their skinny jeans, striving to not look pregnant anymore and they start working on personal bests at the gym around 2 weeks postpartum. Honour your need to recover, rest, replenish and restore.

Moon Mama, founded by Lexie
As with so many things to do with postpartum, I had never given mesh underwear a second thought, until I needed them. In 2019 I gave birth to twins. I had just gone through this amazing experience and my mesh underwear didn't make me feel that way; they were what my body needed at the time, but I found them to be visually underwhelming. The hospital-issued pair is meant to be disposable, yet every mum I talked to has stories of trying to wash and re-wear their rationed pair for days if not weeks after giving birth. It was time to breathe new life into standard postpartum underwear by infusing each pair with a little sunshine. Let’s celebrate our bodies, and make postpartum beautiful. These early days are tough, but you’ll do great!

$15 flat-rate shipping

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1 review for Postpartum Must-Haves Gift Box

  1. I’m SO glad I had all of these products for baby #2. I felt so much more prepared and had such an easier recovery this time. Taking baths postpartum with healing herbs was relaxing and felt so good. Also, the perineal spray feels amazing – I’ll never use another brand again. And I got so many compliments in the hospital on my cute tie-dyed mesh undies! This gift box is the perfect gift for any of your pregnant friends!!

    Carli Evilsizer

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