Silk Pillowcase Black


the softest mulberry silk pillowcase to protect your hair and skin.


Don’t damage your hair and delicate face with the friction of an ordinary pillowcase. When you sleep with mulberry silk, you’ll experience the softest material on the planet (no but seriously, it’s scientifically backed). This keeps your expensive beauty care products properly in place - instead of all over your pillowcase. The fibers of mulberry silk are less absorbent, which helps maintain your skin’s moisture and natural glow. Your hair stays smooth, soft, and retains moisture and shape. Reverse signs of damage and aging naturally by getting your beauty sleep on butter. 

Are you sold yet? 

1. Hypoallergenic 

2. Hair Repair 

3. Anti-Aging 

4. Skin Protection 

5. Body Temperature Regulation 

butter. Silk pillowcases are also 22 Momme Mulberry Silk, 100% Natural Hypoallergenic, Odourless, Hair Protection, Skin Protection

butter. silk pillowcases help busy mamas make the most of their limited beauty sleep. Silk pillowcases can help blowdries last longer, prevent frizzy hair and dry scalps and stop hair breakage.

I want night sweats to be a thing of your past. I want your blow dry to last. I want the skincare you decided to splurge on to stay on your face. I want your skin to stay smooth, soft, and supple. I want your hair to stay gorgeous. This is why I decided to launch my own line of the highest quality pillowcases anyone could benefit from, and call it the one thing I love most in the world, butter.

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