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Wildly moisturizing, this balm is great at soothing cracked, sore nipples – and also works as a deep moisturizer for dry, itchy skin. Made only from high quality, certified organic ingredients, our balm is entirely plant-based.

What is Nipple Balm used for?

We’re a happy nipples-only zone! A high quality balm can greatly reduce and help manage nipple pain in those early days of breastfeeding (or chestfeeding). Our lanolin-free balm is incredibly moisturizing, completely vegan, and made from certified organic ingredients. Toss this into your hospital bag and use at-home as part of your nursing arsenal.

Why Parents Love this Product

  • Wildly moisturizing, this balm is great at soothing cracked, sore nipples – and also works as a deep moisturizer for dry, itchy skin.
  • Made only from high quality, certified organic ingredients.
  • Our balm is entirely plant-based… This is more important than ever with evidence showing lanolin-product users have experienced higher infection rates (not fun at all).

Why It Works

  • Organic unrefined shea butter: highly moisturizing, and smooths and softens skin. In its unrefined state, its healing properties – its an anti-inflammatory and can help reduce skin swelling – are not lost in excess processing.
  • Organic grapeseed oil: an antimicrobial, natural way to increase moisture and soften skin.
  • Organic vitamin e oil: helps reduce skin inflammation.

How to Use this Nipple Balm

  • Sooth dry, cracked nipples by applying generously after nursing.
  • Hot tip: Apply a voluminous amount directly to the affected and sore area of your nipple and surrounding area, and cover with plastic wrap. Yes, really. Stay with us! Allow this to sit for 15-20 minutes and you will be blown away by the benefit.

Ingredients List

  • Organic unrefined shea butter, organic grapeseed oil, organic vitamin e oil, candelilla wax, organic essential oil
  • Beurre de karité biologique, huile de pépins de raisin biologique, huile de vitamine e biologique, cire de candelilla, huiles essentielle de lavande et calendula biologique

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